The Evolution Of Synthetic Or Artificial Grass 2017 By ForeverGreen Utah

Artificial grass, more commonly known as synthetic grass, was long suggested as the red-headed stepchild of lawn care and landscaping. However, in 2016, it has more style than ever before. Technology has advanced manufacturers in developing new types of yarn. This high-tech method has given less luster and more a natural visual for customers. It has gotten so real looking that the grass also has thatch (grass before it has turned green during harvest season) in the base and intertwined with the grass blades.
Currently, there are several companies that make synthetic grass in the USA. Over the last 10 years sales have increased 45% in factual numbers according to the Artificial Grass Installers of America.
Homeowners may utilize a complete lawn in their homestead or have it installed for dog runs, play areas, sport courts, and many more considerations. The newest trend in an upward swing are putting greens for the avid golfer. These turfs are more tightly woven, rather than straight as regular fake blade of grass is made.
Let us talk about playground grass. This is a typical fake grass that is made to last and has a ten to fifteen year warranty by most manufacturers in the United States. It is matched to the environment around the local community as far as color goes. No fading no wear no water bills. You can water it down if it is a very hot day out and just want to cool it down a bit. The many port holes (minuscule) make it no problem to spray and it will seep through the grass.
Dog runs are popular as well. Pet owners are happy with the ease of cleaning up with synthetic grass, and with the added protection of deodorant under the weed barrier and over the sand, it makes for simple and efficient removal of doggie waste with no odor.
Finally, putt-putt greens made of artificial grass/turf is west coast preference these days. No watering, no climate issues with the grass and saving on purchasing water just to maintain the grass is needed anymore. Virtually impossible to see any seams, or feel any difference in your putting methods is ever needed. Needless to say, having any type of artificial grass anywhere outside your home or on your roof if one is a city dweller is definitely the ongoing trend in southern California, Utah, and other states 2016.
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