Simplistic Reasons For Having Synthetic Grass By ForeverGreen Utah

Lawns can be a waste of water and space for the most part. California, for one, is a hugs waste. Utah happens to be number two. Having 30 varieties of grass helps, as we do. This is for the different applications our clients have. 

First off, ForeverGreen's synthetic grass is very real looking not to mention how soft it feels to the touch. Our grass has antimicrobial webbing on the back to keep those pesci germs out of the picture as much as possible. But what else makes artificial grass by ForeverGreen Utah so eco-friendly?
I can factually tell you that the grass blades are manufactured from recycled plastics used for soda bottles and water bottles, Our soy based padding is a plus as well, and of course the 100% post industrial recycled plastics is a major plus. So, in reality our product turfs, and artificial grass varieties are just under 81% re-manufactured materials. 

Our grasses need minuscule upkeep, and can be used for anything from doggie runs to landscaping needs.

Fake lawns options seem (no pun intended) to be the wave of now rather than the future. Or let us just say the future of artificial grass has arrived.

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