How To Compare Different Grades Of Synthetic Grass

What You Should know When Comparing Different Types Of Artificial Grass

There are several points to look for when comparing quality and application of synthetic turfs. Such as:
 Width of the actual grass, turf backing, face weight anddifferences in fiber as in species of bladesof grass.

Synthetic grass made in the America is 15 foot wide and fake grass from Foreign manufacturers is made 13 Foot wide.

Overseas artificial grass has a latex single layer backing which is not as strong as the 2 layer heavy duty urethane backings from the states.

Most are measured by FACE WEIGHT. The face weight will vary from around 40 ounces to 100 ounces.  The face weight must be disclosed and not the total weight.

 Scrutinize the synthetic grass material. The pile fiber should be be 100% Dual-Color polyethylene, with insewn thatch (curly blades that hold up the straight blades=thatch) of nylon or polyethylene.

Keep in mind that polyethylene is much more durable than polypropylene. So, in plain english use the nylon.. Polypropylene secondary thatch is NOT as durable or rigid as the second thatch of nylon or polyethylene, for the second thatch.

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